Presenting the second interview in the series Moms Uninhibited. Click here for an intro to the series and here for the first one

Bushra & Adam

                  Bushra & Adam

Bushra Dawood has worked in Marketing at one of the leading FMCGs in the world for the last 11+years. Mother to Adam, 3, she recently called it a day and has switched to a more challenging role – she is on mom mode full time now. Also, she is currently learning French. Her spouse also works in Marketing and is an avid diving enthusiast just like Bushra herself. Both husband and wife love travelling and have dotted many countries around the world. Besides other common interests, the duo are both Advanced PADI certified and are commonly found underwater disrupting some flora and fauna ;). Here, we get to delve a little more into the person behind the many faces – doting wife and mother and former corporate mogul.

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Since quite some time, I noticed there were many women I came across in everyday life who made me stop and think: HOW DO THEY DO IT? I came to realize a common factor amongst all of them- they are mostly working mothers. Hard at work. I grew increasingly curious about how they managed to juggle it all. These women are not globally famous, but most of them are on the way there! And the reason it’s ‘moms only’ is not out of any bias, reason stated in intro here. So I decided to conduct short interviews and share the secrets with my readers, plus a teeny glimpse into the person behind the mother, wife, daughter, sister, employee, entrepreneur… This is one such post…. ENJOY!


Sara Jamil

Sara Jamil, is the artist behind Jam Designs, a highly innovative one-man operation for graphic designing solutions.Very talented and driven, Sara’s design concepts have been the reason for many a brand’s recognition/recall and has resulted in quite a few successful private ventures taking off. Besides her personal business, she has also taught and continues to be involved at the most prestigious art and architecture school in Karachi. Read More →

So here’s the background to the new category on the blog:

Luckily for me, I often happen to come across people who are very inspiring. These people lead useful and busy lives. They juggle a lot and they juggle very well. They are not on the planet to turn oxygen to carbon dioxide, but to make a change. Slowly and gradually, they are making minor changes that are making a difference. These people and their lives need to be celebrated. Here (on this tiny space on the blogosphere where there is not much traffic yet) I am sharing their stories, in a very small interview that will serve as a glimpse into their lives. Read More →

sisters-in-lawSisters. The very word is an oxymoron wrapped in itself. Warm, fuzzy feeling plus an irritated feeling. With both my sisters living a thousand miles away I would give the world to share a cup of tea and a heart-to-heart with either one. And it’s also a shit-she-finished-my-whole-bottle-of-deo/conditioner or a shit-she-wore-my-favorite-shawl-to-college reminder of the days gone by. It’s a ‘I can kill for her’ coupled with an ‘I will kill her’. She is the only one who will zoom into your Eid pictures and have a close look at your feet to tell you you should’ve gotten a pedicure. You won’t communicate for weeks but she is the one sharing salad recipes with you to make sure are slightly more in shape for the wedding season. She is the one who will maybe love your kids as much as you do yourself. You know she will definitely be there for you no matter what. The intensity of the word LOVE and HATE can be justified when she is in context.

Then there is the word ‘in-laws’ which gives the fuzzies to a select few, very lucky ones. Be it the social, cultural or whatever predispositions, be it conditioning, I think it’s more or less a universal sentiment Please excuse the sweeping assumption but it’s true. It’s your by-default family because of that spouse of yours, the one you have professed eternal love to. Remember? So for his or her sake, they are your family too. It may be a welcome scenario, and it may not be, but it is what it is. Read More →