speak up against child abuseThere is a horrible ball in the pit of my stomach. It’s making me feel really pathetic. Repulsion. It’s a downright wretched vomit-y sense of being. I can’t seem to shake it off.

It has been two days since baby Zainab was kidnapped, raped, mutilated to death and then thrown in the garbage. That adorable, innocent little thing, experienced the worst thing that could have possibly happened to her and the aftermath of this tragedy has left so many of us with a deep sense of self-loathing. Tragically, she is one of many children who have undergone the same fate in this wretched land of ours. The numbers continue to rise, the perpetrators are let off scot-free and the memory fades away much like the victims. We all suffer momentarily, but that suffering is also snug in the knowledge that our own children are safe and then enables us to go on with life from one distraction to the next.  Read More →