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Mommy-blogger bitten by the travel bug

I’m fumbling through parenthood and THIS is where I get to talk about it!

I had a baby 3.5 years ago and every day brings something insane. And new. Newly insane. Insanely new.

Hello! The terrible-twos were apocalyptic. But three year olds – SIGH.

I have grown up in Karachi, this bustling metropolis, but raising a child here is quite another story. Let’s see if I can make a wholesome deal out of it. As soon as Baby came, I decided to quit my job – I have worked eight straight years, in Marketing and PR slaving away for corporate big-wigs. Enjoyed myself as a freelancer, a digital nomad… aka MY OWN BOSS yo!

Then, I grew restless again. And so along with Baby’s third birthday came an offer from a non-profit for a Communications’ role. Right up my alley!

THIS BLOG is my space to talk about it all – the ups and downs, rights and wrongs, yays and nays.

Would love to hear from you guys. Write to me at whilethebabynaps@gmail.com

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