There are raging debates amongst the mom-circles in Karachi about which pre-school to send their kids to, what is the right age to send them, what schooling philosophy each school adopts and so on. And as the blistering heat of summer makes its advent, the debate turns to which summer camp is best. Some first time parents find themselves lost, adrift and confused. Read More →

It is that time of the year again. When the devout fast and feast, pray and celebrate. I see so many Ramzan Mubarak posts on my news feed and so many heartfelt messages for this month full of blessings. It makes me nostalgic for my childhood. For all the Ramzans spent at home with my parents and siblings. It’s pure torture waking up at that hour (not just waking up but EATING) but something so charming about a home that is fully lit at 4am. Read More →

My darling,

You turned two yesterday. Needless to say it was an emotional day for me. You are such a special boy, not the average two- year old at all. Your poker-faced humor is very heightened for your age. Your personality is brimming with character. You perceive things much better than the average tot. You take us by surprise all the time with your words and mostly your antics.

The first year went by really fast; the Read More →


the mug is a gift from SO

I’ve started having more tea. My average was two a day (since becoming a mom). But when visiting someone or when entertaining or when it rains or maybe when I felt super daring I would graduate to three cups a day. But I would always be conscious of the amount of caffeine going into my system ( breastfeeding does that to you) maybe because I did not want to add to another not-so-good habit but now I have started thinking less about it. Perhaps there is something inside me that sees it as a form of rebellion. “You want to chew on your crayons? Chew on your books? Go ahead, knock yourself out. You want my phone? Here! Take it. Take the remote as well. happy? And you know what? I’m going to have another cup of tea. There!” That’s my pathetic revenge. I’m sure the 18 month old is scoffing inwardly. Still I see no empathy in his eyes, no indication that he even considers me human. Read More →

A few weeks ago, during Eid holidays, the Baby came down with the regular cough, cold and flu. Over time my husband and I have become much braver about the occasional runny nose and don’t freak out as before. Out comes the honey-ginger concoction, the nebulizer and the snot sucker and we get to work. But this time his chest congestion seemed a bit severe and we realized that we need to have the doc take a look. Read More →