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June 2015 was deadly. It killed 1200 people in Karachi. Killed. People DIED of dehydration and heat stroke. It was THAT bad. It was a scorching sweltering sizzling summer. Even for the well-endowed the weather was debilitating to say the least. It was an I-can’t-think-I-can’t-breathe-don’t-talk-to-me-give-me-some-ice oppressive heat. Read More →


Breast feeding is a loaded word. Those who do are labeled ‘lactivists’ and those who don’t are labeled ‘lazy’ or even worse, ‘bad mothers’. Unfortunately arrogance and a feeling of superiority come naturally and easily to many of us.  The idea that ‘if I can do it so can she’ has sadly pressured  many mothers to actually lie about it and pretend to breastfeed while their baby is on the bottle- only to escape harsh judgment. Read More →