Come February and the streets, shops and social media are all sprayed with red puke. Mushy declarations galore, there is no escape from this Day of Love. I feel sad about all the single ones out there cringing and feeling rueful about the ‘one that got away’. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the Anti-Valentine brigade. In fact I’m one of the greatest opponents of the Islamabad High Court ruling against Valentine. In a country where moral policing is the order of the day, such an inane order is no surprise really. I have secretly safeguarded so many sickly red and white teddies and chocolates for my friends at school and college (handed to me for safe custody for a month or two, away from strict parents of these friends). Read More →

My baby at the Sydney Harbour Bridge (just a peek at what’s to follow, so stay tuned)

Karachi winters are beautiful. The nip in the air, the friends and family flying down from the world over, the epic winter food, the weddings, the cozy comfort of the duvet, misty morning, endless cups of coffee…

I think my readers are smart enough to realize that I am skirting the issue here to avoid talking about why I have been severely MIA. I have two gargantuan reasons which I shall delineate here…

  1. I visited Australiaaaaaaa last month! Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne. Whaaaat a place. The beauty that is that country and the awesome people, the food, the vibe. I promise to be more articulate when I write in detail. I returned Jan 6th   
  2. My one and only brother is getting married. My post on becoming a SIL. In a few days. My sister has flown in (two adorable nephews in tow) after four years for just ten days. There is TONS to do everyday. With three boys in the house. People, need I say more?

But I truly miss my sporadic rambling blog posts. And my loyal readers! Love to you all. Regular posting shall resume after 23rd Jan.


sisters-in-lawSisters. The very word is an oxymoron wrapped in itself. Warm, fuzzy feeling plus an irritated feeling. With both my sisters living a thousand miles away I would give the world to share a cup of tea and a heart-to-heart with either one. And it’s also a shit-she-finished-my-whole-bottle-of-deo/conditioner or a shit-she-wore-my-favorite-shawl-to-college reminder of the days gone by. It’s a ‘I can kill for her’ coupled with an ‘I will kill her’. She is the only one who will zoom into your Eid pictures and have a close look at your feet to tell you you should’ve gotten a pedicure. You won’t communicate for weeks but she is the one sharing salad recipes with you to make sure are slightly more in shape for the wedding season. She is the one who will maybe love your kids as much as you do yourself. You know she will definitely be there for you no matter what. The intensity of the word LOVE and HATE can be justified when she is in context.

Then there is the word ‘in-laws’ which gives the fuzzies to a select few, very lucky ones. Be it the social, cultural or whatever predispositions, be it conditioning, I think it’s more or less a universal sentiment Please excuse the sweeping assumption but it’s true. It’s your by-default family because of that spouse of yours, the one you have professed eternal love to. Remember? So for his or her sake, they are your family too. It may be a welcome scenario, and it may not be, but it is what it is. Read More →

pinktoberThere is a chance that death itself may not be as scary as the fear of death, or the knowledge that it is round the corner. The knowledge that life, as we know it, is nearing an end impels some to live it up and others to freeze in terror. And there is no word that conjures death as well as the word ‘cancer’. A disease one does not catch per se, but one that mutates the very cells that make up the organs inside the body. The body’s very organs revolt against its host and slowly all ceases to function. Today is the 30th of October and the whole month is called Pinktober to raise awareness and hail campaigns on, specifically, breast cancer. I don’t know anyone who does not have a loved one in the snares of this disease, or perhaps has lost a loved one to it. It is real, it is looming large and we have to take notice. Read More →