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June 2015 was deadly. It killed 1200 people in Karachi. Killed. People DIED of dehydration and heat stroke. It was THAT bad. It was a scorching sweltering sizzling summer. Even for the well-endowed the weather was debilitating to say the least. It was an I-can’t-think-I-can’t-breathe-don’t-talk-to-me-give-me-some-ice oppressive heat. Read More →


Most people I know, when holding a new born tend to smell the baby’s head or neck because the new baby smell is intoxicating. But I wonder how many people have actually noticed a small part of the baby’s scalp that tends to throb. I had no idea what a ‘fontanel’ was until I saw it pulsate on my new born’s head. I FREAKED OUT. Omg Read More →

One bright morning in May, I woke up with the baby next to me and realized something horrible. I was trudging along in the new-mommy game and just as I thought I have gained some ground, in came this like a cold bucket of water: my three-month old caught his first cold. Oh my God, I cannot for the life of me understand how or why that felt like the greatest tragedy. Read More →