This is the seventh in a series of posts about a trip to Europe in the summer of 2016


I had honestly never heard of the city Bratislava, or even the country (Slovakia) until we were planning this road trip. It happened to lie between Hungary and Poland and hence a stop became a must. It rained most of the time we were there, which was about 22 hours in total so my memory of the place itself is dotted with downpours. But will I go there again? Yes! In a heartbeat. Read More →


the mug is a gift from SO

I’ve started having more tea. My average was two a day (since becoming a mom). But when visiting someone or when entertaining or when it rains or maybe when I felt super daring I would graduate to three cups a day. But I would always be conscious of the amount of caffeine going into my system ( breastfeeding does that to you) maybe because I did not want to add to another not-so-good habit but now I have started thinking less about it. Perhaps there is something inside me that sees it as a form of rebellion. “You want to chew on your crayons? Chew on your books? Go ahead, knock yourself out. You want my phone? Here! Take it. Take the remote as well. happy? And you know what? I’m going to have another cup of tea. There!” That’s my pathetic revenge. I’m sure the 18 month old is scoffing inwardly. Still I see no empathy in his eyes, no indication that he even considers me human. Read More →

A few weeks ago, during Eid holidays, the Baby came down with the regular cough, cold and flu. Over time my husband and I have become much braver about the occasional runny nose and don’t freak out as before. Out comes the honey-ginger concoction, the nebulizer and the snot sucker and we get to work. But this time his chest congestion seemed a bit severe and we realized that we need to have the doc take a look. Read More →

This is the sixth in a series of posts about a trip to Europe in the summer of 2016

Among all the cities we visited during this trip if there was one with a distinctly Eastern Europe feel to it, it was this one. Budapest (pronounced BudapeSHt) is one hell of a party town. It’s actually two cities Buda and Pest, divided by the river. Buda houses the baths that Hungary is so famous for, Matthias Church and the Castle itself. While Pest has a lot of the ‘downtown’ and what one may refer to as the ‘city center’. Read More →

This is the fifth in a series of posts about a trip to Europe in the summer of 2016


I have a very embarrassing admission to make. The first time I heard about Croatia was when I was 13. We were watching the Ms. World contest and a ‘Ms. Croatia’ was announced. Of course I feigned I had heard the word before, but I hadn’t. So now that you know I was one ignorant teen I can stop pretending I know much history or background about these countries I visited. Read More →

This is the fourth in a series of posts about a trip to Europe in the summer of 2016.



It has to be said that Slovenia was our ‘rare find’ of this trip. It is a tiny country cuddled up between more well-known European nations, that is why one doesn’t hear the average tourist making a beeline for it. But the country, albeit tiny, has a lot to offer. It has a splendid little capital called Ljubljana. Read More →


This is the third in a series of posts about a trip to Europe in the summer of 2016.

The Czech countryside is pretty, yes. But the Austrian one is another league altogether. With verdant hills sloping lazily into the valley below and the road winding through sudden bursts of tulip fields, driving was literally hazardous. Because it was THAT pretty.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret… Vienna has all that you would expect of a decent MAIN city in Western Europe – the spectacular squares, the history, the culture, the aristocratic air, the opulence, the elegance- but it doesn’t have SPUNK. It will fulfill your strictly European vacation fantasy. But it won’t hit the nerve. Sure you’ll get to go to the best opera and have the creamiest gelato, but will it really feel you have really explored something unique? Nopes. You have been a tourist, not a traveler. Read More →

This is the second in a series of posts about a trip to Europe in the summer of 2016.


Next we drove to Prague. We never really crossed a proper ‘border’ into Germany because the GPS took us through tiny narrow back roads. We realized we entered the Czech Republic when the names of the roads became obviously ‘non-German’. We entered the city from a very industrial looking side, high rise apartments and massive billboards on highways etc. Not at all the Prague we imagined. And even though we were staying at Prague 3, it was at least a 20 minute bus ride from the city center where the Castle was situated. Read More →


There is very good reason I have been absent for the last two months. I know its professional suicide in the blogosphere to be missing for that long. But I have the best reason- I got my own domain. I am officially a DOTCOM! Feels good must say. Ok so that now that is out of the way and we are good, I haven’t forgotten my promise. Even though there were no live vacation posts I have decided to go ahead with a synopsis of each of the cities we visited. Read More →

30I’m feeling literally giddy. The excitement is sky-high. Why, you ask? Because because because becaaaaause…. I get to check off another location off my bucket list, in fact a bunch of them. There are some places I have really really wanted to see since quite some time. Eastern Europe was very high on the list. And guess who’s going next week?? Read More →