weaningI tried to wean my little one since he turned 15 months but met no success.(He’s 20 months now). I would always cave into night nursing because, well, I had discovered a nursing-while-sleeping-position, and SLEEEEEEEP is just tooooooo precious. But the backaches in the morning had me kicking myself in the shins. Every night I would go to sleep with the resolve that I need to quit, and every day I would google articles about how to quit. I guess a part of me felt guilty about it too. What I learnt during the process: Read More →

This is the eighth (and last) in a series of posts about a trip to Europe in the summer of 2016

View of Krakow Main Square

After having read bits of WW2 history, having watched movies and read books (mostly fiction aside from Anne Frank), it was difficult to decide whether we should visit Auschwitz. We did. It was really uncomfortable, very much so. It was painful and not the least bit cathartic. It was an important visit but left me with a very heavy burden. That so many people, human beings, (and innocent children) were subject to so great and so systematic a form of barbarianism for so long is unfathomable. Read More →

This is the seventh in a series of posts about a trip to Europe in the summer of 2016


I had honestly never heard of the city Bratislava, or even the country (Slovakia) until we were planning this road trip. It happened to lie between Hungary and Poland and hence a stop became a must. It rained most of the time we were there, which was about 22 hours in total so my memory of the place itself is dotted with downpours. But will I go there again? Yes! In a heartbeat. Read More →


the mug is a gift from SO

I’ve started having more tea. My average was two a day (since becoming a mom). But when visiting someone or when entertaining or when it rains or maybe when I felt super daring I would graduate to three cups a day. But I would always be conscious of the amount of caffeine going into my system ( breastfeeding does that to you) maybe because I did not want to add to another not-so-good habit but now I have started thinking less about it. Perhaps there is something inside me that sees it as a form of rebellion. “You want to chew on your crayons? Chew on your books? Go ahead, knock yourself out. You want my phone? Here! Take it. Take the remote as well. happy? And you know what? I’m going to have another cup of tea. There!” That’s my pathetic revenge. I’m sure the 18 month old is scoffing inwardly. Still I see no empathy in his eyes, no indication that he even considers me human. Read More →

A few weeks ago, during Eid holidays, the Baby came down with the regular cough, cold and flu. Over time my husband and I have become much braver about the occasional runny nose and don’t freak out as before. Out comes the honey-ginger concoction, the nebulizer and the snot sucker and we get to work. But this time his chest congestion seemed a bit severe and we realized that we need to have the doc take a look. Read More →