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Do you need a Content Writer?

work with me

If you…

  • have a successful business and need more clicks to your site through a perfectly managed blog
  • need well-researched, in-depth articles for your publication, business or website
  • are a company, large or small, and require some help with your regular publications e.g. Company Profile, web content, newsletters, brochures
  • are bored with your current website and need someone to spruce up the content
  • need a hand with your PR work e.g. press release, holding statement, FAQs, backgrounder

…..I’m here for you! 

Freelancing is FUN. Here’s why I chose it:

  • For the love of the written word
  • I set my own hours
  • I am my own boss
  • I get to spend time with my toddler as I please
  • The world is my oyster
  • My learning curve is steep
  • I get to wear PJs all day
  • No small talk with colleagues needed
  • I get paid to do work that I love

Work with me and you get well-researched content particularly suited to your specific needs. I won’t go on and on… hire me and YOU be the judge!

Email me your requirements/brief and budget: OR