I hail from a country with an astoundingly high population growth rate. The one thing that leads to a high population growth rate: many women reproducing i.e. pregnant women. One would imagine that, in such an environment, pregnancy would be an average topic of discussion. Or maternal health issues. Or breastfeeding. Or nursing bras. But no. There is no discussion on pregnancy because it is treated like a disease or to use a commonly-used term: ‘condition’ . It’s surprisingly a very hush hush, very taboo topic. Maybe because one has to have sex *GASP* in order to become … may I be as bold as to say… PREGNANT! Oops, I said it.

So the average pregnant woman in this country tries as best as possible to hide her baby bump for as long as possible. As insane as it sounds, the whole market around pregnancy is also surprisingly missing. There will be long queues at the local gynecologist, but not a single store will sell maternity jeans or trousers, nursing covers or pillows. One would be hard-pressed to find even half-decent nursing bras.

I was lucky enough to go to Turkey in my third month for a business trip. There, I found a most amazingly comfortable pair of jeans that fit me very well from the third till the ninth month. I would call it miracle jeans because it had give but was also very snug. One of my best friends lent me a pair of maternity tights and I was good to go. Besides that loose kurtas and ta da… I was all set. The point of this post: do not waste your time looking for them maternity clothes in Pakistan. I’ve been there sistah. You would much sooner find faith.

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