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Honey we got from Farmer’s  Market

I am someone who tries a lot of hacks. I have always believed that great problems have pretty simple solutions. Whenever I try a ‘home remedy’ I am literally willing it to work, secretly rooting for all the herbalists and naturalists out there. March is nearing an end and my baby has had a cold-cough-congestion since mid-Jan. After countless visits to the doctor he is on preventive medication for allergic rhinitis and asthma. While the medicine does its work I was desperate for some symptomatic relief –it’s heart wrenching to listen to my one-year old’s railing cough.

I read somewhere that locally farmed honey is highly recommended for allergies. It’s as if Mother Nature is herself offering a solution for the pollen she brings with spring. So, off we went to the local Farmer’s Market and came back with some honey that was farmed in Swat. I also read (yes I Google a LOT, I do it while nursing) that honey and ginger is simply fantastic for coughs. So I grated some ginger to squeeze some ginger juice, added a few drops of lemon juice (since it was lying in the fridge), and the teeniest quantities of turmeric, cinnamon powder and black pepper. Take a teeny bit of this mixture and add equal amount of honey. I made the baby lick this three times a day. Today is Day 2 and I can see some improvement already. He still has a cough but after I give him this the congestion eases up for a few hours.

Give this Magic Elixir a try and if it does you any good, please do let me know! Take care!

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