Style is something that is innate. Some people seem to ooze it from every pore. For others, a lot of effort goes into it and still you come out looking like a cross between a 80s’ pop star and a crystal chandelier. Unless you have a lot of personality to recommend yourself with, you are doomed. The situation is further exacerbated when you pop a kid and you have no clothes, no shoes, nothing that fits, no item of clothing that would count as socially acceptable even during one of those early pediatricians visits (when you MUST step out of the house). Clothes-wise I WASN’T prepared. Well, if you ask my siblings, I seldom am.

But accessories, on the other hand can make or break your appearance. I believe it’s also easier to focus on this- shoes, bags, jewelry etc always fit. When I was eight months pregnant, I happened to meet a friend of mine visiting from Lahore.  Her baby’s a year older than mine. She had a gorgeous, large hand bag and when she opened it I realized it wasn’t a hand bag after all but her baby’s diaper bag. She had stuffed a few of her things in it. GENIUS! Of course I would do the same! So this is what I ordered:

You can find the link here.

This bag has been with me for a year now and I would give it 10 on 10 for durability. It has excellent capacity (I left home with not less than a hundred diapers, baby blanket, and nursing cover ALL in this) and numerous pockets that house a million itsy bitsy baby things. And the best part? Doesn’t look like a diaper bag. Whenever I stepped out with the baby in the first six months I stuffed my phone and wallet in it and was ready to go. But you know how a girl needs, well, HER things. I was missing a few ladies’ bag essentials which were a part of who I was, or ‘used to be’ before the baby came along. I was missing my make up pouch, and my tiny notepad and pen, my OWN hand sanitizer and tissues pouch, my sunglasses (it’s so frustrating to be caught in the sun without this) and well, other girl stuff. So I started carrying my handbag ALONG WITH this diaper bag. Honestly it’s a lot to carry but I was consoled by the fact that I had everything I needed.

Over time I felt the weight of it all in those solitary evening visits to the park, alone with baby. Without the husband around to help me, handling a stroller and lugging a baby as well as two handbags was getting too much.

After baby’s first birthday this epiphany struck me… since the baby doesn’t really need too many things when stepping out, HOW ABOUT I carry a few of his things in MY bag instead of the other around?! Wowowow, brilliant! Pat on back, Supermom!

The following stuff goes into:


This compact beauty.



Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Though I never quite understand that damn phrase. Why would one just HAVE their cake and not eat it. It’s like one of them mysteries, like that Meatloaf song. “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” What, pray tell, is THAT? Oops, tangent again.

(P.S. Kudos to my sister who orders all this stuff for me on Amazon and sends it all the way with whoever is coming. Thanks babes)

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