When she was very young, my mother used to talk to plants. She would deny it now but I have confirmed from many a credible source. My husband has a green thumb and every spring gets into a petunia-marigold competition with the neighbors. Who doesn’t love greenery around them? My mother-in-law has a vegetable garden on the roof where spinach is thriving next to radishes in discarded bathtubs. So, the other day when my toddler started plucking leaves from the indoor plants in our lounge, it had me reasonably concerned. I needed for him to know that these are living breathing things, and he can’t shred them like he shreds tissue. He must learn that they need food to eat and air to breathe like we do.

 I got myself these pots.

22 1.jpg

Had some acrylic painted lying around. Painted and glazed them and got myself some indoor plants.

22 2.jpg

My little one and I now water them regularly. He is still tugging at the leaves. But I hope he will learn in good time. I hope. And wait. And teach him to love and nurture. Is all the parent in me can do.

4 Thoughts on “Plants have feelings too

  1. Maybe having a green thumb runs in the family. You’re doing a great job as teacher, mommy and care giver. Sometimes I talk to my plants, when my little doggie won’t listen, and I’ve heard plants grow better if you do.

  2. Such a valuable lesson! Great job!

  3. Great job !

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