I have been playing hooky. I have not been true to this blog. When I started this blog, I was convinced I will be consistent. I told myself, if there is anything that trumps quality content for me, it is consistency. But here I am, painfully aware while penning this, that it has been a month, maybe more, since my last blog post.

Yet I will not apologize. Because this is my happy place. If I haven’t visited my happy place in a while, it’s a bigger disservice to myself than anyone else. I know no one is judging me. But maybe a part of me is judging me. Consistency? Bah!

And here I am, as my fingers hit the keyboard, a smile draws to my lips. How I have missed you, my darling blog. How my nutso, adorable 15-month old has kept me away from you. I have to tell you about him. He is no longer the doe-eyed, goofy expression, one-year old he was just yesterday (or what feels like yesterday). He has grown fangs. Literally. His lower jaw is swollen, sprouting teeth constantly and I pay for it – all night nursing and recently, eye piercing screams. Yes, my darling boy has taken to yelling. A lot. For fun. Yes, the universe does exact revenge. Let me tell you as much. As calm as he was when younger, his personality has done a double flip. And it’s like he has an internal timer that goes off every 15 minutes or so. *Shriek* .. 15 mins…. *shriek*… 10 mins

And you know what, I always felt that things would get easier and better with time. All the veteran moms told me that the tough patches are a phase. Well yes they are but you know what, there are a lot of consecutive phases following each other. And where is my break? He’s not walking yet and is also a late teether. And the laundry piles…. HOW, kindly tell me, do they get so high so quickly. I mean I just did it, like five, no, seven, minutes ago? Do I have to take him to the play gym or the park again today? Can I please just get fifteen minutes to pluck my eyebrows? Please? Thank you.

So besides the constant attention this guy needs, we need to tolerate the shrieking. And this debilitating heat. And power outages. And also Ramzan, the holy month of fasting where, frankly, everyone goes pretty insane. Yeah so June July in Karachi is quite the crazy cocktail. But I do have something to look forward to—and that is…. here goes…. TA-DAAAA! Vacation planning! But more on that in the next post. In fact there will be a series of posts on this one. Honestly it’s pretty daunting planning a vacation with the little guy, but millions have walked down this path with two kids. So I’m gonna LIVE IN THE MOMENT for once and suck the marrow out of this gorgeous time. It’s a big, beautiful world out there. There are so many sights to behold and drink in. There are so many pages of the passport that need to be stamped. There are so many wonderfully unique experiences waiting to be had. Memories, pictures, incidences, coincidences, serendipity—all in idyllic places. Vacation! Holiday! Retreat! Here I come.

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