30I’m feeling literally giddy. The excitement is sky-high. Why, you ask? Because because because becaaaaause…. I get to check off another location off my bucket list, in fact a bunch of them. There are some places I have really really wanted to see since quite some time. Eastern Europe was very high on the list. And guess who’s going next week??

My husband has the travel bug, and he has it bad. And that makes me very fortunate. I wouldn’t say he is ‘passionate’ about it. No way. It’s a religion to him. At 33, he has travelled more than most people I know. Even when he owned four t-shirts in all and ate one meal a day, he travelled. He made it happen. And I really respect that.

Sure I have had the good fortune to check off a few things off my bucket list and quite recently too (visited South Africa in Jan), Europe was a place I had only dreamt of. The place is magic. And mystery. Winding cobbled streets. Lamp posts glowing in the fog. Majestic castles. Fairytales and fair maidens. Medieval literature. Bridges over meandering rivers. Flowers in every colour thriving everywhere. Beautiful cottages along a lake at the base of rolling green hills. Cafes and pubs. Only the most amazing coffee. Creamy, textured, tasteful cheese. Colorful architecture. Steep spires. Golden sunsets. Quaint, pretty shops. Alfresco eateries. Emerald lakes. Gorgeous sculptures. Gothic cathedrals. Museums. Fountains. Wrought iron balconies. Romance. A blend of history and art like no where else on earth. Mesmerizing. Spellbinding.

So here’s the plan- With some family in Berlin, we fly in and spend a few days. Thereon we begin our roadtrip: Prague & Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic); Vienna & Salzburg (Austria); Ljubljana (Slovenia); Pula & Zagreb (Croatia); Budapest (Hungary); Bratislava (Slovakia) and finally Krakow (Poland) before heading back to Berlin.

Feeling a wee bit nervous travelling with a toddler. He took a few steps independently a few days ago and I have a hunch he will start to walk while on vacation. So many things to plan and to start packing! Will try and keep you all posted while there. Wish me luck please. *fingers crossed*


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