A few weeks ago, during Eid holidays, the Baby came down with the regular cough, cold and flu. Over time my husband and I have become much braver about the occasional runny nose and don’t freak out as before. Out comes the honey-ginger concoction, the nebulizer and the snot sucker and we get to work. But this time his chest congestion seemed a bit severe and we realized that we need to have the doc take a look. Our Baby’s pediatrician, who is quite non-medicinal, surprisingly prescribed anti-biotics (I try to avoid them as much as possible and had a hunch this one was viral and it was) because typhoid and malaria were making the rounds. Anyway, so he ordered some bloodtests to rule things out and came upon an unexpected result -turns out the Baby has anemia.

Now we have been giving him nothing but very organic food, homegrown. No formula or cereal. We are quite hard on ourselves that way and never even bought cereal as a backup. (I am NOT judging breastfeeding or formula-feeding parents here). But imagine my surprise when I discovered that our little one, whose meals we so painstakingly prepare is deficient in something. I looked up everything I could possibly do and we immediately have started a super iron-rich diet. Of course as I relate this story, it’s in a calm manner, but you may very well imagine it wasn’t so at the time less than a week ago- I was quite down in the dumps.

I am ranting here but I promise there is a point to this post. The last six days have slowly made me realize how very privileged I am. There may be many mothers in just a 20 kilometer radius around me who don’t have the luxury of an iron-rich diet for their little one. Who don’t even have the luxury of a blood test carried out immediately? We started feeding the Baby red meat twice a day. How many people can afford that? I am generally an ungrateful person, but when such epiphanies (as rarely as they do) come to me it makes me cringe – with guilt, but also fear. What will I do if this is taken away from me suddenly? How do those people manage? And then I immediately shove the thought to the back of my head, because it makes me uncomfortable. I hope I don’t sound unctuous because I honestly am anything but. But we gotta think about this. Our lot in life- it’s a LOT.

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