pinktoberThere is a chance that death itself may not be as scary as the fear of death, or the knowledge that it is round the corner. The knowledge that life, as we know it, is nearing an end impels some to live it up and others to freeze in terror. And there is no word that conjures death as well as the word ‘cancer’. A disease one does not catch per se, but one that mutates the very cells that make up the organs inside the body. The body’s very organs revolt against its host and slowly all ceases to function. Today is the 30th of October and the whole month is called Pinktober to raise awareness and hail campaigns on, specifically, breast cancer. I don’t know anyone who does not have a loved one in the snares of this disease, or perhaps has lost a loved one to it. It is real, it is looming large and we have to take notice.

There is no prevention. The cures are only reactive treatments that are very harsh i.e. radiation and chemotherapy. But breast cancer is the most common and the most preventable cancer. So, basically, the only prevention is to check oneself for lumps in the breast and under the arms once a month. There is no excuse acceptable for NOT doing this. It’s not one of those don’t-have-time-for-exercise type things. When caught in the first stage, breast cancer can be fought very easily. But successive stages it gets tougher and then impossible.

It’s easy to be fatalistic and que sera sera about it. But at times a little awareness and timely action will not only save your life, but of those around you. So please, let’s not become a statistic. Set a day of the month, every month and check yourself for lumps. I’m not being preachy, but ladies, be smart about it. If this post serves as a reminder to even five people, my purpose is served.

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