So here’s the background to the new category on the blog:

Luckily for me, I often happen to come across people who are very inspiring. These people lead useful and busy lives. They juggle a lot and they juggle very well. They are not on the planet to turn oxygen to carbon dioxide, but to make a change. Slowly and gradually, they are making minor changes that are making a difference. These people and their lives need to be celebrated. Here (on this tiny space on the blogosphere where there is not much traffic yet) I am sharing their stories, in a very small interview that will serve as a glimpse into their lives.

It is a coincidence that most of these individuals are women. But why specifically moms, you ask. One, to narrow the scope so I can bring more focus. If I were to talk about women in general it would be a bit all over the place. Two, after having a kid yourself you don’t seem to meet many people without kids. It’s a pity many of the normal child-free couples don’t happen to hang around in the playground for their evening social activity, lol. Heck most of my friends from before I had the baby have jobs and happen to surface after 7 pm when I am starting the Put-Monkey-To-Bed Marathon. So, please don’t think I have a bias, it’s quite the opposite.

So, here goes. I’m super excited about this series of interviews. Can’t wait to share it with my readers. MUAH!

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