My baby at the Sydney Harbour Bridge (just a peek at what’s to follow, so stay tuned)

Karachi winters are beautiful. The nip in the air, the friends and family flying down from the world over, the epic winter food, the weddings, the cozy comfort of the duvet, misty morning, endless cups of coffee…

I think my readers are smart enough to realize that I am skirting the issue here to avoid talking about why I have been severely MIA. I have two gargantuan reasons which I shall delineate here…

  1. I visited Australiaaaaaaa last month! Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne. Whaaaat a place. The beauty that is that country and the awesome people, the food, the vibe. I promise to be more articulate when I write in detail. I returned Jan 6th   
  2. My one and only brother is getting married. My post on becoming a SIL. In a few days. My sister has flown in (two adorable nephews in tow) after four years for just ten days. There is TONS to do everyday. With three boys in the house. People, need I say more?

But I truly miss my sporadic rambling blog posts. And my loyal readers! Love to you all. Regular posting shall resume after 23rd Jan.


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