Come February and the streets, shops and social media are all sprayed with red puke. Mushy declarations galore, there is no escape from this Day of Love. I feel sad about all the single ones out there cringing and feeling rueful about the ‘one that got away’. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the Anti-Valentine brigade. In fact I’m one of the greatest opponents of the Islamabad High Court ruling against Valentine. In a country where moral policing is the order of the day, such an inane order is no surprise really. I have secretly safeguarded so many sickly red and white teddies and chocolates for my friends at school and college (handed to me for safe custody for a month or two, away from strict parents of these friends). But come 14th Feb, it makes one think. About love and surrendering to it. It all ultimately boils to the battle between the heart and the mind.

At 20: He’s trouble, stay away, the brain cautions. *Heart makes the body pump all the crazy love hormones and there you go*

At 30: Don’t have a baby says that brain, pursue your career. Shut up brain, says heart, babies are little bits of heaven to hold in your arms.

At 33: Don’t look at that pile of laundry says the heart, read a book, watch a movie. Helloooo, no clean clothes to wear for the toddler or anyone, says the brain.

At 35: Have another baby, they are super adorable, says the heart. DON’T even think about it, says the brain, go right back to work.

So the battle continues ad infinitum. You find your heart and mind in turmoil. Yes, the heart does get us killed. Love is bloody and messy and downright unreasonable. It’s unfathomable. It makes you do the craziest things. But its sweet surrender. At times when you get nearly killed, is when you truly learn to live.

So go for it. Get that box of chocolates, buy that overpriced decaying bouquet, confess you love him/her, tie the knot if you have met Ms./Mr. Right, have that baby, waste some time, be idle, listen to music. Listen to the music in your heart. And when you get slayed, know that you were warned. But you did it anyway.

Happy Valentine’s World!

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