My darling,

You turned two yesterday. Needless to say it was an emotional day for me. You are such a special boy, not the average two- year old at all. Your poker-faced humor is very heightened for your age. Your personality is brimming with character. You perceive things much better than the average tot. You take us by surprise all the time with your words and mostly your antics.

The first year went by really fast; the second year was slower comparatively. But it was still a shock when we got to March and your birthday reared up close. I need to tell you: you are super fun company. Even though some points in the day are a nag (I hate changing your diapers, and your tantrums and shrieks, my god), I need to tell you that I really really love spending time with you. And I would rather have you around than anyone else. When you look at me straight in the eyes with those gorgeous brown eyes and rattle off a long stream of gibberish it fills me up with so much pride. I pretend to understand what you are saying and mutter some seemingly appropriate responses. It’s thoroughly entertaining.

You have always been a round ball of cute. I adore every atom of you, from your silky hair to the very tips of your toes. I love your passion for red cars. The very sight of a new red car makes you shiver in excitement. Not kidding, actual shivering. Your eyes start to shine and then for the next few days that red car becomes the center of your existence. You clutch onto it with a firm grip, during meals, bath time as well as to bed. Imagine trying to rock a feisty two year old to sleep in your lap while he is clutching a big red car. It ain’t easy bro.

There are times I lose my cool with you and I’m truly sorry for that. I honestly think I can do more as a mother. I try my best but at times patience runs dry. Even though your Baba helps a lot and also Baby TV is a huge blessing, in equal measure *wink wink*. I always wonder how working mums manage and also people with more kids. It’s a challenging role, extremely frustrating but at times so gratifying that it makes you forget everything.

My baby, yesterday I was very wrought with emotion. Not only because you turned two. But I had a sudden and overwhelming burst of gratitude, (when you get older you will realize it’s a rare phenomena). You turned two in the best of circumstances. We are in a position to not only fulfill your needs but also your wants. We see so many people around us who are not in the same position. I cannot thank God enough for gifting me a healthy, happy baby, and I will always pray for your health and happiness till my last breath. I am so grateful that we are not only blessed with the best of resources to bring you up, but also that there are so many around you to love you inordinately. It’s a real blessing. And I hope and pray that your childhood is rich with loving memories, with friends and family and laughter, with fun and games, always surrounded by loved ones and in the same comfort and protection you now enjoy.

Welcome the terrible twos. Bring it on. 🙂

All my love,



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