This is the link to Malala Yousafzai’s speech to the Canadian Parliament:

PLEASE watch to the end. These are 20 most-inspiring minutes of my life in a long time.



I want to know how anybody watching this speech is not teary-eyed. I got so many goosebumps- each word was carefully picked and beautifully delivered.

Malala, you are confident, intelligent, inspiring, stunning. We are so very proud to call you a Pakistani. You are the north star, a beacon of light in an impoverished world. You are bold and you are beautiful.  It is people like you that inspire others to forge through, to carry on when all seems bleak, to never tire and to never, ever give up the fight. You are the epitome of tolerance, compassion, empathy and courage. Hope you always continue to champion girls’ rights to education and I pray with all my heart you are successful.

God BLESS you!


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