I turned 35 today. It’s daunting. It’s humbling. It’s eye-opening. It’s a mix of ‘oh-shit’ and ‘oh-wow’ and ‘is this middle age?’

And you know what? It’s also all kinds of awesome. I love being here. In the now. In this moment. Firstly because it’s a huge 5 year leap. My life lessons/understanding/maturity at 20 was almost the same at 25 and maybe just marginally more at 30.

But at 35, I am an entirely different person than at 30. I know so much more. I have so much more perspective. I am not as impulsive perhaps. And generally I feel liberated because I give a lot less shits. It’s so freeing. You finally realize that it’s alright if you haven’t accomplished it all just yet, you will get there in good time. And you also realize that no matter what you do some people will find faults with you, with stuff you say or do or even write. You simply cannot keep everyone happy. There is no such thing as a ‘nice person’. It’s all quite relative. Really. If you haven’t realized this and are still trying to bend over backwards to please X,Y and Z, you are wasting precious energy, it’s not possible.

Anyway, I think the 30s are a pretty awesome decade. You are not old or young. You are just the right age for everything. Nothing is a fashion crime. No behavior is unbecoming. You are someone’s child and someone’s parent. It’s all old and all new. It can be bitter and sweet simultaneously. You have a firm conviction that good times marginally outweigh the bad. You have recently learnt what LOVE YOURSELF really means. It’s all pretty darn fabulous.

Generally I’m a cribber. But somehow, here on this blog, when I am rambling and effusive, a peculiar kind of gratitude sort of spills over. I am extremely grateful for each and every aspect of my life. My husband, with his ‘perfect imperfections’; my adorable little two-year old who fills every waking moment with LIFE; family; health (mine and my loved ones’); a comfortable home; amazing friends and good food and great times; a will to live and thrive; my writing; good books and movies and chai; warmth and togetherness; and that wonderful and overwhelming feeling that in the end, EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OK.

Happy birthday to me. Bring it on 35.


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