There are some people constantly brimming with good ideas. And then there are people who take it one step forward and actually EXECUTE that great idea. I envy this type. They don’t sit on their dreams. They hatch on them. And let their offerings into the world.

One such creative individual has launched her service called CRATEFUL MOM. Isn’t that a funky name? So, before I get into what this mom does, let me show you something. How would you feel if this arrived at your doorstep?

Pretty special, huh?

This mom designs crates full of goodies, really an amazing collection of things to be sent to friends, family, loved ones. These are custom-designed crates to suit specific needs.

Says Crateful Mom, “Each crate has elements that complement the recipient- flavors they like, fragrances they love, old movies they watch again and again. I wanted to create gifts that makes the person receiving them cry out, ‘Oooooh I was craving this… this hits the spot…’ It’s not just the average basket of chocolates; it can be wild and whacky. The person receiving it should not only feel good, they should feel truly special and it should evoke the thought, ‘this person knows me so well’.”

Her crates cater to just about EVERYONE. One Mistress of Spice gave the following order for a friend: Jalapeno peppers, SLIMS, sriracha, the range of Peri Peri Sauces, jars of ground peppers, Masala nimco.

Another crateful was sent to a special someone who was always hungry at work. It contained instant noodles, cupasoups, microwave popcorn, cappuccino wafers and of course instant coffee. Imagine if you are having a rough day at work, slouching over your desk, hatching different ways to murder your boss/client and you receive such a fantastic little box of awesomeness. Just imagine.

So please tell me just how amazing is this idea and the Crateful Mom with her Barrelful of Fantastic Ideas that actually see fruition.

And if you are thinking this crateful will cost you a kidney, THINK again. Some of the best things in life are (not free but) not that expensive. The base price for a crateful is PKR 1800, which contains nine basic elements. For customized products the sky is the limit. You can pick and chose.. perfumes, cosmetics, chocolates.

So what are you waiting for? Mother’s Day is right round the corner! Order away!

Facebook Page: Crateful Momm



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