My dear husband, as we speak, has bitten off all his fingernails while watching the fated India-Pakistan final. Me? I’m being particularly blasphemous and pottering around in the kitchen making one of my favorite desserts. Sorry, I cant take the stress of the match.

This recipe is a personal take on a classic dessert, the illustrious Tiramisu. Except that its nothing like a tiramisu. Coffee, rum and lady fingers (which essentially make a tiramisu)  are not avidly consumed in our part of the world and that, to me, was an existential crisis. So, I came to my own rescue and invented this ‘desi’ version.

This concocted version will remind you of a Snickers cheesecake, and more. Its superrrr easy and quick to make. And with Eid coming up, let’s all brush up the culinary skills and lay out a spread fit for royalty (aka thyself).

Here’s what goes into it:


1 can condensed milk, 5 cubes cream cheese, a round of cottage cheese, 1 cup full cream, three bars of milk chocolate, a roll of peanut biscuits, some crushed peanuts



Start by assembling some peanut biscuits on the bottom of the serving dish, like good little soldiers.

One little, two little, three little biscuits…


Now take all the dairy products – condensed milk, cream and both cheeses- and blend the heck out of them. Blend till the mixture is smooooth.

Blending the living daylights out of the dairy

Now this is the crucial point. You take the chocolate bars, and WITHOUT consuming any, set them on a water bath. Yeah, this ain’t easy. If you take even a teeny weeny bite, you are out of this game. Add a dash  of milk to the chocolate so it doesn’t burn. It’s so cool to watch the sexy chocolate melt awayyyy. [there’s a lazy way to do this too: take the chocolate, add some milk and stick it in the microwave. But the end result isn’t as awesome as the water bath version]

Chocolate bathing

Now you take the cheese filling and spread it on biscuit layer until you have no biscuits peeking through.

Velvety smooth cheese filling coddling the biscuits

Again, layer the cheese layer with biscuits and drizzle some chocolate on top.


Add another layer of cheese filling and another biscuit layer. Then again remaining cheese filling. You get the picture. Now pour the chocolate sauce all over the top and throw on the chopped nuts like zees. You are done. Beautiful.

Even the little Lego man seems happy

If you have ZERO patience like I do, put it in the freezer to chill. If self-restraint is your thing, let it calmly refrigerate.

Wolf down this bowl of insane calories and don’t forget to share some good ol’ feedback. Haters not allowed.


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  1. Sylvester on June 18, 2017 at 8:50 pm said:

    How can you eat that without repenting to God? You were better off just watching the match.

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